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Anjana the chimpanzee qualified to kitten-sit orphaned puma cub

By Daily Telegraph: 31 Aug 2009

She has a tender heart, a nice hairy shoulder to cry on - and she knows where her zoo keeps the baby wipes.

So Anjana the chimpanzee is well qualified to kitten-sit orphaned puma cub Sierra, helping the humans at a South Carolina zoo with all the feeding, cuddling - and chasing - duties.

Anjana and Baby Cougar

The chimp has lived her whole life at The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species.

If Sierra is running around too fast then Anjana will scoop her up so she doesn't get into any trouble, director Bhagavan Antle said.

Anjana has already helped to bring up two royal white tiger cubs, a leopard and four lions.

If you need a baby wipe you can just tell her and she’ll run off and get it, Dr Antle said.

I’ll be your mummy and get the wipes: Anjana the chimp cuddles orphaned puma cub Sierra.