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CUTE baby orang-utan Suyria hears the front crawl of the wild - taking a dip in an animal sanctuary’s swimming pool.

By The Sun Last updated at Published: 30 Jan 2008

Suyria the Orangutan

The five-year-old king of the swingers was taught to swim for fun, along with others including a tapir and two young tigers.

But only Suyria needs a life jacket - as apes naturally SINK.

Dr Bhagavan Antle of The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species in Miami, Florida, said: "I started swimming with tigers 25 years ago - then we tried other animals and the orang-utans loved the water. They love taking baths and then we slowly introduce them to the pool. Suyria loves bouncing off the bottom."

He looks like a proper swimming chimp-ion . . .

Orangutan Suyria
Pole position ... ape plays by the pool
Orangutan Suyria
Snuggle time ... Suyria dries off by
the pool
Moksha and Tiger
Lion around in the pool
cub takes a dip with helper
Moksha and Orangutan
Cop-ping a feel ... orang-utan in police
T-shirt grabs helper for support
tiger swimming
Top cat ... young tiger goes for a swim
Moksha and Tiger
Back stroke ... helpers tend to
swimming lion cub
Orangutan and Tapir
He nose a good time ... tapir larks
around with baby orang-utan
Tawny and tiger
Paws for thought ... tiger cub
catches his breath
Moksha and tiger
Crazy cat ... tiger does some
doggy paddle
Going under ... tapir takes a dip
under water
Head and shoulders above the rest ... ape keeps his head up thanks to life jacket
Tapir time ... keepers give creature
some TLC in the pool
Tawny and Tapir
It's all going swimmingly ... tapir
gets some swim help