tigers playing

THESE ferocious tigers look more like pussy cats as they lark around in a pool.

By The Sun on 2nd April 2010

Spray flew as the beasts leapt and pounded their paws in the water.

But unlike golfer namesake Woods, they did not need to play away from home to get their kicks.

Rajani and Gopal showering off
He's my pal ... handler Rajani gives mighty Gopal a good hosing down

The gang of Siberian and Bengal tigers, some weighing 500lbs and white, took advantage of the crocodile pool being cleaned out to enjoy their first dip of the year at Myrtle Beach safari park, South Carolina, US.

Tigers playing in water
Doing the beast stroke ... two white tigers splashing around in the pool

Handler Rajani Ferrante kept her cool as 8ft-long Gopal, five, leapt up to take a drink from her hose.

Tiger Tooth Irrigation
Fangs a lot ... animal enjoys water spray

Park owner Dr Bhagavan Antle said yesterday: "Tigers are known for their love of water. They had an incredible experience."

The other Tiger, 34, makes his golf comeback at The Masters next week after a spell in sex rehab.